OEO Studio designs new furniture collection for HBF that combines Danish minimalism with American craftsmanship

Copenhagen-based design practice OEO Studio has collaborated with American furniture company HBF to create elegant and timeless handcrafted furniture collections comprising the Simple Writing Desk and Essens series of chairs and stools.

The new collections combine OEO Studio’s modern Danish design values and HBF’s timeless American craftsmanship, culminating in a unified, contemporary and timeless look.

Commenting on the design, Thomas Lykke, founder and creative director of OEO Studio said, “Workplace design is shifting focus to better quality and more durable pieces that last longer. This is what we believe in and what we design for: furniture that ages beautifully and withstands the test of time. Essens and the Simple Writing Desk were designed with this mantra at their core.”

Both collections were made with a high attention to detail and focus on craftsmanship. HBF and OEO Studio’s dedication to using natural, high quality materials shines throughout all three of the furniture pieces, using solid wood, metal, leather and textile, which age with grace and become more beautiful with time.

True to HBF’s goal of creating furniture for how people work rather than where people work, the lines offer great flexibility in terms of use – from the big open office to the meeting room, small office and boardroom as well as more social settings. The collections can be paired or used in groups, yet also stand confidently on their own.

Essens Chairs + Stools

The Essens seating series is defined by its rich mix of materials and chic yet minimal design. The simple metal leg of the Essens chair adds contrast and highlights the sculpted solid wood back, which is soft and embracing. The seat and arms are integrated, creating a purposeful focus on the proportion and structure of the chair. The Essens chairs and stools are a perfect harmony of detail, material and ergonomics. The wooden seat and back evoke a crafted feel and are designed for comfort and posture. The use of metal adds precision to the design as well as a sense of modernity.

Simple Writing Desk

The Simple Writing Desk is a multi-functional, dynamic, and beautiful piece that would work in any space, from the office to the home. The desk’s aesthetic is honest, clean and simple. OEO Studio designed the desk to last for generations – not only because of its durability, but also its everlasting design that evades the typical lifespan of trendiness.

The Simple Writing Desk is a beautiful complement to the Essens chairs, yet can pair beautifully with a range of task chairs thanks to its clean and appealing aesthetics. The desk won a silver award at NeoCon earlier this month for the category ‘Tables: Training & Work’.

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with OEO Studio” remarks HBF President, Dan Chong. “They share our same values of quality, craft, and attention to detail, and these two collections capture that dedication.”


OEO Studio