Thiénot New Tasting Showroom in Paris by Laure Girodroux & Karolina Lubkowski



The french brand Thiénot Bordeaux-Champagnes inaugurated in june its new showroom in Paris with an amazing presentation & tasting space, created by two young interior designers, Laure Girodroux and karolina Lubkowski. The new Thiénot’s professional showroom, located in the heart of Paris is destined to welcome, among other people, the most prestigious restaurant chefs’ and sommeliers, its conceptual design has been imagined by the two interior architects, Laure Girodroux and Karolina Lubkowski, who used to collaborate with the famous french designer Ora-Ito.

A sparkling introduction:


Photography © Xavier Béjot

Passing by the Haussmann Boulevard, the eye is attracted by the display window, where a floating glittering metallic sculpture offers thousands of golden reflections on the pavement. As it mirrors, night and day, the boulevard’s life, this ‘‘alive’’ element has been created as a headlight and will guide us trough the whole project. The colourful lighting, which changes with each presented brand, creates a dynamic and pop display.

An «out of time showroom»:


Photography © Xavier Béjot

As we cross the monumental main entrance, typical of the Haussmann style, we enter Thiénot’s place, where a stylized and graphical scenography appears, in the heart of the classical building’s architecture. Thin and high displays present the bottles as precious jewellery; their gradient white to brown lacquering makes them float slightly.

The vertical brand’s signage makes us look up and (re)discover the golden headlight, made of thousands of metallic gold titanium treated squares, which guides us, as a sparkling champagne wave, to the tasting room.



This light and floating sculpture hides a great complexity, as LG and KL explain: « It took us several weeks of 3D and technical research with the contractor to define how to suspend and create the curves, without seeing the structural effort, and find the perfect material which wouldn’t oxidize with time and would offer deep golden reflections. We opted for mirror-polished stainless steel treated with gold titanium…»

A functional taste:


Photography © Xavier Béjot

Led by the shimmering ceiling to the tasting room, we discover a great ship-bow shaped table which offers a non standard and friendly new way of tasting. Its pure white glass top offers a perfect tasting surface to the professionals.

The balanced use of white and brown lacquered finishes for the functional arrangements gives a feeling of depth and space; the natural oak elements subtly remind us of the vineyard atmosphere.