Casa Milan AC Milan by Fabio Novembre


After almost 50 years in the old headquarters in Via Turati, the AC Milan move to a new building in Portello area. The building stands as a manifesto of the three key points of the new history of the club: men, motion and emotion. With almost 10.000m2, the new headquarters are divided in 7 floors with the management area of the Club, a restaurant, a museum, an official store and the Milan Lab.


The management area is divided into three different floors where we can find senior management offices, meeting rooms, council room, breakout area, press room, etc.


The graphics used on the walls reflect the dynamism and propagation of the general concept of the project and use different iconic images in the history of AC Milan.


In the restaurant, the concept used for the structure is again based on the idea of propagation, but in this case focused on a vertical and circular dimension.


Columns formed by circles of different colors and proportions grow from floor to ceiling.


The store, with access from the outside and from the museum, is the first of a serie of shops that AC Milan will open progressively worldwide.


This store will be based on the idea of man in motion, represented by several large figures that seem to escape from the columns.


The museum, the first officially opened by the club, exhibit all the trophies won. This space is a combination between the history of AC Milan and areas where the visitors can interact with different technologies. The entire museum has been developed in partnership with Google.

Right after the entrance, the visitor can experience the history of AC Milan. The walls are divided into different sections year by year, ranked by 5 differents colours depending on number of trophies won. Each section presents, through statistics, texts and videos, the most important moments of the year. Also, a collection of unique items show us the significant details of the history of the club.


On the next area, the Trophy Room, with its golden walls, exhibits the international and national cups won by the club. Also a 3 meters high replica of the UEFA Champions League trophy dominate the room.

The area know as Hall of Fame shows the portraits of AC Milan champions through interactive screens full of contents and stats of each player. The floor and ceiling is made by a LED grid and the walls presents a glass backprinted boiserie in red. With all this elements, the classical soul of a Hall of Fame is reinterpreted with a futuristic touch.

In the last space, the visitor will find different temporary exhibitions together with an interactive table where we can choose between discover and interact with different data and images about the club or navigate through the most emblematic places in the history of AC Milan.