Odense University Hospital & Faculty of Health Sciences by Henning Larsen Architects



The challenge of designing the new Odense University Hospital (OUH) was to translate the volume of the buildings to human scale, to relate to the context of the landscape, and to keep people as individuals in the centre of the buildings containing health care, research, education, and development.

The OUH embodies an innovative building of high architectural quality, designed to meet the requirements and challenges of tomorrow. The hospital finds renewal in the transition between old and new – and the conversion from tradition to modernity. The human scale supports the conception of the hospital as ”the good host” and a place where patients and visitors can easily orient themselves and feel at home. Since the location of OUH is on a field surrounded by nature it has been of great importance to create a feel of a village within the building. This adds to the sense of homeliness instead of feeling institutionalised both for employees, patients, relatives and students.

When approaching OUH, you are met by an inviting and recognisable urban scale, where the complex is divided into varied units with each their clear entrance and reception area.

The landscape surrounding the new OUH supports and clarifies the existing values and is based on the current plan for the area. The purpose is to add to the value of the nature and experiences by including the new OUH as a part of the landscape.

The individual is in focus in the circular city structure whose ground plan meets the requirements for a highly efficient, flexible and future-proof hospital and at the same time meets the employees, patients and other users where they are and with a high degree of respect. OUH is based on a triple bottom line for sustainability; it is an ideal project for social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Henning Larsen Architects