Architectural Vernacular | offSET Shed House by ISJ Architects WAF 2014 Shortlisted

ISJ OFFset Shed House 8

From the World architecture Festival (WAF) 2014, Irving Smith Jack Architects offSET Shed House was shortlisted in the Villas Categorie. From a context of accrued simple shed-esk dwellings in an isolated and south facing New Zealand coastal surf community, a strategy of sequencing building ‘sets’ (aka surf) was generated to scale new form to its surrounds.

ISJ offSET Shed House 2

New ‘shed’ sets are then offset to allow seasonal living, circulation, and privacy options and for variations in wind and sun exposure.

ISJ offSET Shed House 10

Summer opens and invites in community; with diagonal movement connecting offset and shaded external spaces. Here living holds minimal interior use, with summer circulation defining informal house boundaries, and the control of sand.

ISJ offSET Shed House 6

Circulation then internalises for winter shut down, with high level northern openings capturing precious northern light and warmth, and offset forms providing shelter to the southern exposure.

ISJ offSET Shed House 11

The ‘shed’ typology follows New Zealand architectural vernacular accruing from rural and isolated beginnings, and the simple, self erected, elemental buildings still apparent within these remote provincial communities.

ISJ offSET Shed House 7

Within this new set of ‘sheds’, timber pergolas and ceilings collate pathways within simple metal and plasterboard linings to efficiently define  offset spaces and welcome an eclectic collection of furniture, the coastal community, and surf.

Irving Smith Jack Architects