Wellness Center by Blank Architects | WAF 2014 Shortlisted

Wellness Center_01

From WAF 2014 shortlist, Project of Wellness Center is located on Dmitrovskoye Shosse, which is one of the main roads leading to the city center. Localization and neighborhood was very important for us during design process. The closest neighborhood include a block from Stalin period, big hostel and a lot of small green areas.

Wellness Center_06

The main influence was the close proximity of a residential building. We decided we needed to create a public green space between it and our Center, which could be used by the local residents and the clients.  In this area we proposed to locate: a playground, a sport area and a book reading place, as there is a public library and a book shop nearby.

Wellness Center_05

The building is 9000m2 and 3 floors. On the first level we can find boutiques, a small supermarket and a restaurant. On the second floor there is another restaurant and a fitness area, where it will be possible to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, or to practice climbing on a climbing wall. On the 3th floor is located a swimming pool and a spa center.

Wellness Center_03

The façade is divided into three parts. The first part which contains the restaurant is all made of glass. We wanted to create a light pavilion that would harmonize with the green areas outside. The second part is made from brick, which was influenced by the materials used in the neighborhood.

Wellness Center_02

To underline the connection to the surrounding greenery and parks, along Dmitrovskoye Shosse, we designed a tree that is incorporated into the façade. The third part consisting the swimming pool located on the last floor, is made from glass. This allows to create a nice view from the pool, as well as it allows the people who are outside to get a glimpse of the interior.

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