The Garden in the Machine by OPerA Studio

The Atlantic Yards site represents a unique opportunity to create an innovative large scale, high density development in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn. In 2006 Forest City Ratner Companies received approval to build
more than 6 million square feet of housing, retail and entertainment facilities on the site.


The steeper portion of the roof is perforated with a series of recessed terraces for the penthouses below.


The Atlantic Yards site is defined by a varied context. Prospect Heights to the South is a residential neighborhood of four-story townhouses, Atlantic Avenue to the North is a high volume vehicular thoroughfare with a poorly defined street wall, and The Atlantic Terminal Mall and Barclays Center to the Northwest are places of frequent, high levels of activity.

The roofscape is accessible to the public and contains a variety of amenities.

The OPerA scheme reconciles these shifts i​n scale through the use of three definition planes. A ground floor plane varies to create storefront retail spaces, community facilities and public spaces; a second plane slopes gently from the low-rise buildings of Prospect Heights to midrise height at Atlantic Avenue; a third plane slopes from the center of the site to the Northwest Corner where it meets the Barclays Center and Atlantic Terminal Mall to define the roofline of four residential towers.

The tops of these planes are public green spaces which are varied to provide areas for different activities. Connecting these planes and the green space to the ground are a series of garden paths which carve along the exterior of the structures. Residential units and common spaces open onto the garden paths to create a porous connective urban fabric.