Design Miami/Basel: Triangular Series by Jamie Zigelbaum

Every June, Design Miami/ Basel commissions a monumental work by an early-career architect or designer offering the site as a platform for experimentation and engagement with the fair’s international audience. The Design Commissions are a biannual event, taking place in December as part of Design Miami/ and June as part of Design Miami/ Basel.

The forms that make up Jamie Zigelbaum’s Triangular Series resemble highly evolved, hyper sensitized stalactites. Pulsating with light in concert and responding with apparently animal-like intelligence to those sharing the space with them, 50 suspended tetrahedrons, some more that 4.5metres in height, will be scattered throughout the space of the entrance hall to create an encompassing environment for visitors as they arrive and depart the fair.


The simple yet refined tetrahedral forms of Triangular Series are the visible part of a highly sophisticated interactive design system. Using custom electronics and printed circuit boards (PCBs), each form acts both as an individual synthetic organism with digital senses, and as part of a gregarious family. Each form can sense the distance of an object passing beneath it and will respond to the proximity of visitors by modifying the quality of its light and the rhythm by which that light pulses, like a kind of luminous respiration. The forms are programmed to be sensitive to change in their neighbors, creating an anticipatory ripple of change as people walk around the space.